Jim's Priorities



As an active teacher in the Chicago Public Schools for over 15 years, I have the experience to address relevant issues that most affect our students and teachers. Students deserve the opportunity to excel in learning environments that are safe and adequately staffed. I am in favor of an elected school board.


As a 13-year member of the Chicago Fire Department, I understand the significant role police officers, firefighters and paramedics play in maintaining a safe community. Addressing the shortage of police officers in both the 16th and 17th Districts that serve the 45th Ward will be a top priority. I will diligently work with each entity of first responders to ensure a level of trust and respect with civilians while being a staunch supporter of appropriate law enforcement. 


As a vibrant and growing community, we deserve the opportunity to shop and support businesses within our own ward. We lack grocery store options, major retailers and prospering small businesses because economic development has not been a top priority of the current administration. That will change when I am elected Alderman.

City Services

It is time for our Alderman to listen to the most basic needs of the constituents. We pay far too much in taxes not to have quality services performed in a timely and appropriate manner. I will address the overlooked services that include road resurfacing, sidewalk repairs, tree trimming and recycling. 


Chicago's working families have seen their taxes drastically increase with little to show in return while big corporations receive unfair tax breaks. As your Alderman, I will fight for a fair and just tax system. It is time to have more representation within the city council that advocates for homeowners.


A copy of our report filed with the IL State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website   (http://www.elections.illinois.gov/) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, IL

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Six Corners Plaza

Empty Store front in the 45th Ward